Our slogan “BE NATURAL BE BEST” are interpreting our brand philosophy and team mission.

BE NATURAL interprets we choose the most natural ingredients to solve your skin problems and helping you to improve your skin in the most natural way. From the stages of R&D to packaging, our products have undergone full quality control to ensure product quality and safety, capable of replacing other expensive skin care products in the market.

BE BEST interprets our team constant innovation, integrity and development, leading the distributor to carry out reasonable low-cost but high-return development, to achieve the most ideal satisfaction in order to archiving win-win situation as always and to ensure our partners is able to archive their goal and build up the confidence from inside out.

All of our skin care products were officially passed the GMP and international standards. Each product will therefore be registered with BPFK of the Malaysian Ministry of Health and Food Industry, creating an internationally competitive standard for the industry.

Mier蜜儿正式成立于2019年1月。 我们专注于护肤产品服务并结合了时下最火的营销模式整合为卓越品牌。

Mier蜜儿的口号”BE NATURAL BE BEST” 完美的诠释了品牌的理念和团队的使命。

BE NATURAL 我们选取最自然的肌肤原理,还你一个亲近大自然的解决肌肤问题的安全有效产品,帮你以最自然的方法改善你的肌肤。每一个产品无论是从研发、实验、品质、包装,都严格把关,确保品质安全,代替了昂贵的护肤产品。

BE BEST 我们不断的创新,诚信构建共赢发展,引领在护肤产品营销进行合理的低成本、高回报的发展,让用户和代理取得最满意、最有价值的解决方案。以诚信经营、以达成共赢使命。 也确保以代理为中心的使命帮助我们的创业伙伴打造独一无二的美丽与自信。